About KVM

KVM- A ecological movement spiritualized perception of development , sustainability and Nature

Once the land of abundance, affluence , prosperity and five waters -The Punjab is now one of the most worst affected, ecologically devastated, economically crumbled and civilizationally fractured part of the globe. The green revolution brings prosperity and materialistic development, but taken away the ages old ecological equilibrium, the civil society systems of sustainability, wisdom and livelihood. The sweetness of green revolution has turns sour and its brightness into darkness, pushing the Punjabi society into debt, displacement and death trap.A conviction and commitment for voluntary work that is come out of this pain and agony, has become foundation of KVM. The formation of KVM was a result of constant efforts and a dedicated evolutionary process of re-vitalizing our own society; make our motherland prosper with imperishable abundance and sustainable life systems. KVM owe to the future generations of Punjab to protect its ecology and nature. Now KVM is a participatory environmental movement in Punjab.

As KVM is working on very broad canvas covering a vast arena of issues, problems and challenges, it is bound to have strong academic, intellectual, technical and social dimensions of its work.


Green revolution and the resultant prosperity have seriously affected the ecology of Punjab on one hand and the health of its people on the other. The Grain Machine has started rusting and the repercussions have started to show up like scars on the landscape of the land of five rivers. The myth about Punjab's glorious past is beginning to unfold. Kheti Virasat Mission is of firm belief that organic farming is the appropriate answer in this context; it is need of hour to motivate the farmers of Punjab to gradually switch over to the organic farming practices. The situation is alarming and the signs are ominous. We seem to be quite close to a stage, which can rightly be called “agriculture chaos” The time to act is now.
In the present circumstances, organic farming practices and sustainable technologies those are in-tune with nature and Eco-system are perhaps only alternatives, and can help the people of Punjab, to come out of this agricultural, ecological, economic and civilizational crisis.

KVM is working at the grassroots with decentralized participatory mode covering the vast arena of sustainable agriculture, conservation of ecology and natural resources, environmental health, cultural aspect of ecology and other issues related with globalization, livelihood, environmental and social justice. By involving the very first stakeholder ‘the farmers’ especially the sufferer one KVM had undertaken various activities to enhance their capacities. Making them enable to undertake the endeavor for sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources. KVM has dream to make framers- especially the small and marginal farmers’ debt free living in non-exploitative system, self-reliant - nurturing their genetic resources and conserving their knowledge system.

As KVM is working on very broad canvas covering a vast arena of issues, problems and challenges, it is bound to have strong academic, intellectual, technical and social dimensions of its work.
These dimensions will build a cross section grass root network of volunteers, organic farmers, physicians, agriculture experts, economists, environmentalists, heritage conservationists, experts of life sciences, academicians, literary and creative artists, poets and writers and community leaders. This networking also includes farmers’ groups, social activists, religious leaders and representatives of Panchayati Raj Institution.
KVM had initiated several endeavors to build an all-inclusive strong civil society movement in Punjab. To cover different aspects with involvement of experts and concerned persons KVM has formed subject specific action and working groups.